Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Goody Redone

I have several friends who are just amazing at repurposing, upcycling, and reusing items to become beautiful fashion pieces or home accessories. 

Me...not so much. 

I love what they do. 

I see the beautiful results. 

But I don't have the vision. 

At best, on an extraordinarily good day with my crafty mom in town, I might be a wimpy copycat. 

I love the talent that ends people up on blogs and Etsy with a screen full of amazing creations.

Now, give me something foody, spark an idea for recreation, and I'm all over that like white on rice(Cody's most favorite phrase)

A sweet gal at church thrust a box of leftover salted nut rolls toward me and said, "I've heard these are great cut up and dipped in chocolate." 

Was that a challenge? 

A dare to try it? 

Okay.  Game on.

Unfortunately, while the culinary lightbulb flicked on in my mind, the small babe in my belly did a nauseous turn and dared me to try them without losing my lunch

So, these treats, my friends, were a pure labor of love.  There was absolutely no way one would be making it's way to my lips. 

I didn't think just plain chocolate was too very exciting, so I decided to mix equal parts of chocolate and butterscotch chips for a Scotcheroo effect.

 One end took the plunge into the chocolaty mix...
After hanging out to dry on wax paper, a platter was loaded and taken to church.

They must have been tasty...almost 90 little nutty dippers were consumed! 

Upcycled candy bar success!


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Brilliant! And man am I craving it now! :)